Welcome to Vissers Nursery & Sod Farm, we offer a wide range of advantages and options.

  • Fast and efficient sod installation
  • Hydroseeding
  • Wholesale and home owner sod supply
  • Two varieties of sod to suit site
  • Competitive prices
  • Product support and expertise
  • Sod cut fresh daily
  • Big and small rolls
  • Quick, timely deliveries
  • Pick-up & Delivery services
  • Supply of grass maintenance products
  • Variety of Soils and Mulches available.


Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season lawn grass. Bluegrass can be planted from seed or sodded and is one of the most popular turf grass lawns in Northern America.


On a sports field there is a game to be played, a memory to be cherished, and a turf to withstand the wear. RTF Water Saver Sod can outplay and outlast other ordinary tall fescue sods.


We are Oshawa’s and Surrounding Area exclusive supplier of the Big Yellow Bag:. The quickest and most convenient way to get a full cubic yard of Black Garden Soil and Mulches.


is to keep our customers happy. We accomplish this through superior service, competitive prices and by going the extra mile for our customers. At Vissers’ Nursery and Sod Farm, we pride ourselves in producing premium quality sod and providing excellent service. We know our customers’ needs and work with them to serve their interests. We grow, supply, install, and water ourselves so you work directly with the grower throughout the entire sod installation process. We get the job done, whether for a general contractor, landscape contractor, golf course, or home owner.

My wife and I truly enjoyed our great experience with Vissers sod farm, from our phone conversations and also meeting Chiel at our home. They did a fantastic job installing our RTF sod and we like the look and feel of it as well. We also purchased many yellow bags (top soil and black mulch) last year and this year and we couldn’t be happier with Vissers products and services. Thank You again for the care and excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

Robert C.

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