At Vissers’ Sod Farm we focus on the needs of sports field managers and what they want from their sod.

Sod Installation

At Vissers’ Sod Farm we focus on the needs of sports field managers and what they want from their sod:

• Sod that looks great
• Sod to enhance athletic performance
• Sod to be a safe playing surface
• Sod with minimal maintenance
• Sod that is environmentally responsible

We continually strive to meet these needs. When installing our sod you are getting quality you can trust.

While our sod is being developed, it receives the best cultural practices. The grass is irrigated regularly and we have developed a high quality maintenance program to ensure a strong root system. We are confident that our Premium Blend Kentucky Bluegrass and Certified RTF Fescue will save you both time and money while giving you the best looking and best performing field.

Big Rolls provide fast and efficient installation. Large rolls also produce a more uniform and mature look with fewer seams. Big Rolls are 3.6 feet wide. These rolls are only available with our installation services.

A small Kubota Tractor with dual turf floatation tires is used to install the big rolls therefore making minimal disturbance to the existing grade. A John Deer Tractor with a landscape rake will re-grade the area used to bring the large rolls to the sports field.

Small Rolls lend themselves very well for smaller detailed areas or areas of smaller dimensions.


At Vissers’ Sod Farm we support our product after it has been installed on your sports field. We are able to keep up with the demand to water newly installed sod with our fleet of water tankers and our unique watering pipe system. This system allows for efficient and uniform watering, even during the hot summer months. We are so confident in our product that there is a one year guarantee on all of the sod that we install.

Renovating Soil

Do you have an older sports field that needs to be renovated?

We provide a unique service that allows us to renovate your sports field without having to remove the existing grass and topsoil, while still improving soil conditions. A pulveriser is used to scarify, breakup, smooth, and prepare the existing sports field area for new sod installation. Pulverizing existing grass and mixing it 6 inches into soil will leave more organic matter in the soil thus creating a soil mixture that is richer in nutrients than stripping and replacing soil with new topsoil. This is the most cost effective way of renovating a sports field.


At Vissers’ Sod Farm we use only the highest quality certified seed blends to meet the needs of our customers. We can provide the following service:

• Consult with customer to create sports turf blends that meet the needs of a specific site.
• A certificate of analysis for our seed can always be provided.
• Can provide any type of seed mixture from specification.

Advantages over Brillion seeding:
• All material required for good germination are applied in one step.
• Spraying allows for a very even application, reducing the need for reseeding bare spots later on.
• The fibre mulch helps to retain moisture essential for good germination.

Received and laid down over 1000 sq feet of Visser’s sod. It was delivered promptly, high quality and fresh (assume cut the very morning of). Now 3 weeks later the roots have taken hold on my lawn and it still looks as good as the day we put down. Would highly recommend them.
David L.