Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a cool season lawn grass. Bluegrass can be planted from seed or sodded and is one of the most popular turf grass lawns in Northern America. Bluegrass requires medium amounts of lawn care and makes beautiful home and sports grasses.

Bluegrass remains the same in popularity much as it was when first introduced to North American by early Europeans and their animals. Beautiful, lush and finely textured, this is the real lawn grass most people strive for. Truly a “bare foot” grass at it’s finest. Not too aggressive nor too retiring this species mixes well with companion cool season grasses for greater diversity and longevity. As most tender bladed grasses go; higher rates of fertilizer and water are needed. It’s fast growing characteristic has the ability develop a good root system against drought. Bluegrass has good “lawn mending” capabilities. Moderate to high maintenance. It can tolerate cold winters but has a relatively low tolerance for heat and is only moderately drought tolerant. During the summer months if stressed for water, Kentucky bluegrass can go dormant. It has moderate wear tolerance, recovering quickly from some abuse.

Received and laid down over 800 sq feet of Visser’s sod. Delivered on time, fresh, great quality. Ordering was easy, contact was very pleasant – cost was great – would highly recommend.
David S.