We know that your lawn is an investment in the beauty and value of your home.
With that in mind we focus on what you want from your lawn.
• You want a lawn that looks great
• You want a lawn with minimal maintenance
• You want a lawn that is environmentally responsible

At Vissers’ Nursery and Sod Farm, we continually strive to meet these needs. When installing our sod you are getting quality you can trust. We are confident that our Premium Blend Kentucky Bluegrass and Certified RTF Fescue will save you both time and money while giving you the best looking lawn.

Sod For Sale
Vissers’ Nursery and Sod Farm Advantage
• Our sod receives the best cultural practices
• Irrigated regularly, so sod is always beautifully green and full; even in the hot summer months
• Bright green, every time, guaranteed!
• High quality maintenance program to ensure a strong root system
• Our field consist of sandy, loam type soil so even during the wet spring and fall months our sod is easy to handle
Sod Pick-Up
Our yard is stocked and organized for the convenience of our customers. Stock is continually replenished from our fields. The sod is cut daily so it is never more than 24 hours old. Just drive to the main farm and load up, or call and have it delivered, it’s that easy – and that efficient!

Each roll covers 10 square feet; 2 feet wide by 5 feet long. One pallet consists of 80 rolls; 800 square feet. Big 325 square metre rolls are also available through our installation services.

Sod Delivery
Sod can be delivered by our fleet of transport and one-ton trucks. The forklift off loading service allows customers the convenience of having the sod placed exactly where needed.
Topsoil for all of your landscaping needs. Our sandy loam soil is sifted through a screener and is light weight and easy to work with. The topsoil is screened onto a concrete pad to prevent contamination. This also enables us to extend their topsoil supply time in the spring and fall.
Seed & Fertilizer

We offer a wide variety of custom seed and fertilizer for all of your lawn maintenance needs.

Sod Staples
Sod Staples are used to keep sod in place on slopes to minimize erosion. We sells 8 inch wooded and metal staples.
Sod Installation
Big Rolls provide fast and efficient installation. Large rolls also produce a more uniform and mature look with fewer seams. Big Rolls are 3.6 feet wide. These rolls are only available with our installation services.
At Vissers’ Sod Farm we support our product after it has been installed on your lawn. We are able to keep up with the demand to water newly installed sod with our fleet of water tankers. This allows for efficient and uniform watering, even in during the hot summer months. We are so confident in our product that there is a one year guarantee on all of the sod that we install.
At Vissers’ Sod Farm we use only the highest quality certified seed blends to meet the needs of our customers. We can consult with customer to create turf blends that meet needs of a specific site:

Advantages over Brillion seeding:
• All material required for good germination are applied in one step.
• Spraying allows for a very even application, reducing the need for reseeding bare spots later on.
• The fibre mulch helps to retain moisture essential for good germination.

Some common misconceptions about hydroseeding:
• Hydroseeding will reduce the amount of watering needed for a new lawn. – Although the wood fibre mulch in hydroseed will help to maintain an even amount of water available to the grass seed, the lawn will still need to be watered several times a month during summer conditions to have good success.

• Hydroseeding creates a weed free lawn. – All seed varieties that we use are certified to be weed free. The weeds that may develop in a lawn generally come in with the topsoil or are blown in from nearby sites.

Just paid for the sod and pulled my truck up to the barn door and they did the rest. My backyard is the envy of all the neighbour’s. Will definitely go back!
Shannin H.